While the rest of the industry gears up for Christmas specials for the silly season just two months away, AMD has come out early with a present for everyone – another round of price cuts! Following the launch of the GTX660 and the GTX650 Ti, the company made some cuts to the cards that surround the mid-range  Geforce contenders, giving customers and gamers more reason to consider taking the red pill.

What’s really going to give Nvidia a headache is the price drops for the HD7850, in both 2GB and 1GB guises. Both now fall under $200 which is the default starting point for the GTX650 Ti. There aren’t a lot of 1GB cards floating around but I hope that with time, that will change. Of course, you can always stump up the extra R500 to go for the HD7870 2GB if you feel you’ll be a little short on power.

The rest of the lineup doesn’t receive anything drastic, with AMD chopping prices by $50 for the HD7970 GHz Edition, $30 for the vanilla HD7970, $10 for the HD7950 and another $10 for the HD7870, offering very good value for money compared to the GTX660 Ti, which it often draws up with. Its surprising tracking these changes over time, with some cards having dropped as much as $100 from their initial launch prices – AMD must have been coining it really well in the beginning! Lets hope they put that profit to good use for the HD8000 family, due out in January/February next year.

Source: Anandtech

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