Alright, so if you want to split hairs then all editions of God of War: Ascension will come with an angry Kratos, but the newly announced Collector’s Edition comes with a neat statue. Kratos has become one of gaming’s iconic characters, so it’s a little odd that it’s taken four games before the developers decided to release a Collector’s Edition that came with a statue of gaming most pissed off person.

On top of the obligatory steelbook case, the game will come with the soundtrack, a PlayStation 3 dynamic theme and avatar pack. It’ll also come with a double XP unlock code for multiplayer; it seems weird writing that for a God of War game but “multiplay ALL the games” seems to be a developer mantra these days so whatever. There’s one CE feature that should be mandatory for all expensive editions of games: a pass code for all future downloadable content. That doesn’t happen often enough so here’s hoping this is the beginning of a new trend in collector’s editions.

Finally, pre-ordering the standard edition or collector’s edition will also get you the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, which comes with various Greek demi gods and heroes for you to use in multiplayer. Keep an eye on local retailers as we’re sure these will be cropping up on online stores soon enough.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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