UPDATE: Halo 4 leaked three weeks early

Halo 4 is out on 06 November; except if you’re a bunch of people who are already playing a leaked version. Reports of the leak first surfaced on Reddit, with users posting photos of their Xbox 360 dashboards indicating Halo 4 as playable.

Microsoft has since responded to the apparent leaks, and their reaction indicates that this could be a legitimate leak and not some photoshopped hoax. Speaking to Game Informer, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “We have seen the reports of ‘Halo 4‘ content being propped on the Web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation.”

Shortly after this news broke, it was unclear as to whether the copies of Halo 4 were the final build or some earlier build that had found its way online. Taking the above header image into account however, it’s probably a little more serious than an early build leaking online.

UPDATE: Microsoft has begun banning Xbox LIVE accounts belonging to those caught playing Halo 4 early.

Source: Game Informer