League of Legends is kind of a big deal

There must be loads of gamers out there who haven’t become involved in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. Perhaps it’s the hyper competitive side of things, or a potentially massive learning curve that puts people off? Either way, if you’re not playing League of Legends, then you’re in the minority just based on this recent collection if incredible stats that Riot Games has released.

League of Legends is the most played game on the planet. Other big game titles that people often point towards as having the most players, like World of Warcraft or the Call of Duty multiplayer modes, are tiny by comparison. There are 32 million monthly active players in League of Legends. That means, of its 70 million unique registered users, 32 million of them will play at least one game a month. There are 12 million unique people playing League of Legends every day. At its absolute peek, Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer managed to hit 3.3 million players a day.

To coincide with the recent $1 million pay-out for the League of Legends championships (which was won by a team called the Taipei Assassins), Riot decided to release the above stats. There are loads more after the jump, and they’re in fancy infographic form.

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Source: Kotaku