Call of Duty Elite service now free in Black Ops II

Call of Duty Elite is just less than a year old, with the online stat tracking and community-feature-crammed utility making its debut appearance on 08 November 2011. Initially, Elite came in two flavours: a free version and a Premium version which set people back $50 for a year’s subscription. In upcoming Black Ops II however, the Call of Duty Elite service will be entirely free.

The Premium edition of Elite came with monthly map updates and access to certain competitions and multiplayer challenges. For Black Ops II, there’ll now be an option to purchase a Season Pass instead, which will grant you access to new map packs. In total there’ll be four map packs that will begin releasing in 2013 for $49.99 or 4000 MS Points. Microsoft has, once again, snaffled up timed exclusivity with all map packs but it has not been confirmed how long that is.

Also new to Elite for Black Ops II is the ability to track your Zombies mode performance and compare stats with other players online. Another new feature is Call of Duty Elite TV, which will provide you with reports, tips and video content directly from the developers. All of this will be available on tablet and mobile devices as well. Hit the jump for a video breakdown of what to expect from Elite in Black Ops II.