Watch natural disasters rip these simulated cities a new one

Do you know what I absolutely adored at Gamescom this year? The new SimCity, that’s what. I adored it so much I felt compelled to write a totally subjective hands-on in which I gushed about just how much I loved my all too brief session with the game. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that EA South Africa was our headlining sponsor – that just worked out rather nicely and the serendipitous turn events can be attributed to just how wonderful this game is turning out.

Those of you who are beginning to go grey will know that since the times of yore, SimCity has ostensibly been about building cities. It’s also been about shrieking hysterically when your meticulously manufactured metropolis comes crashing down thanks to natural disasters.

Speaking of which, here’s a new trailer for 2013’s SimCity! It features, you guessed it, the game’s natural disasters and how best to deal with them. It also shows you how a complete lack of foresight will result in your carefully constructed conurbation becoming a smouldering pile of angsty rubble.  Hit the jump to see UFOs cut buildings in two – with giant, pew-pew space lasers! Did I mention I’m excited for this game, because seriously, I’m excited for this game.