Why hello, Black Ops II launch trailer

Launch trailers. Don’t you love them? They’re like the industry’s little love letters to fans eager for a title’s release; they’re reminders that what you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. In this case, however, “just around the corner” means “just less than a month away” as Black Ops II is set for 13 November.

Still, it’s a great trailer: succinct, full of ‘splosions, liberally splattered with super-hype-inducing quotes from gaming websites, tantalizing glimpses of footage you’ve never seen before, and a carefully chosen AC/DC soundtrack that may or may not have been selected to remind you of the opening sequences of Iron Man, in which you learn what a cocky badass Tony Stark actually is. If yes, then bravo Activision marketing team; you successfully married positive film-viewing emotions with my steadily growing anticipation for this already massive game. More likely they just used it because the song is called “Back in Black” and, well, this game is called Black Ops II – so clever. Yes, more likely that option.

Launch trailer after the jump. It’s primarily single-player oriented so no multiplayer or Zombies mode shenanigans to be seen. Oh hey, did he just pull out a tiny, robotic spider?