If you pay attention to the power supply market, one of the cheapest and versatile manufacturers is, of course, Thermaltake. With products sitting in just about every price range from R250 all the way to the high-end segment with the Toughpower family, one could argue that it has more market penetration than most other brands. This week the company announced plans to refresh its Evo lineup of PSUs, which sadly aren’t generally available in our country…yet!

With power ratings from 650W to 850W, the Evo Blue 2.0 series is perfectly suited to high-end rigs with multi-GPU requirements. The entire family is 80-Plus Gold rated for efficiency up to 92% of power drawn and will feature enough SATA and PCI-E connectors for most configurations that they’ll be used in. An interesting feature that Thermaltake touts is a “Turbo” mode, which requires switching a button on the back to allow the PSU to deliver an extra 100W above its certified rating for what Thermaltake calls “a special circumstance.” There’s no hiding the fact that they’re punting these for overclockers because I’d expect the “Turbo” mode to be useable for a short time only. It’ll probably mimic the “Overclock” mode I saw on the Be Quiet! 1200W PSU at rAge this year, which changed the PSU from a multi-rail design into a single-rail one.

Available in a matte black or a military green, there’s going to be some options for enthusiasts who like to show off their hardware and there might even be a few buyers who already own the Corsair Vengeance C70 in  military green, which would be an awesome colour match. The fan changes colour depending on the mode, with blue being the active colour in normal mode, changing to red in the “Turbo” mode. Pricing and availability hasn’t been set, but we probably won’t see these anyway.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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