Cooler Master releases the Quickfire TK keyboard

If you’ve been a fan of mechanical keyboards, there’s never been a better time than now to get one on a bargain price. With a few brand names offering their own options, it might be a trying time for some people to find one that suits them best. Cooler Master previously had the excellent Quickfire keyboard that chopped out the numberpad to save on space. They probably took notice when Roccat’s Arvo hit the market and was incredibly popular. So they set their engineers on something similar, but superior and this is what they’ve come up with:

And it looks like a Roccat Arvo.

 With a design that uses the numberpad with secondary functions, the Quickfire TK is designed to save space on your desk so you can use your massive, giant mousepad without bumping into a full-size keyboard. There’s a range of mechanical switches for you to choose from as well as built-in options to disable the WIndows key, access multi-media commands and adjust the backlighting intensity as well.

The backlighting matches the colour of the keyboard. If you own the metallic blue version, the backlighting is a matching colour. If you choose the matte black version, its a white backlight and the gunmetal grey is contrasted with a red backlight. The keys are matte painted and laser-etched so that the keys don’t fade with regular use. The Quickfire TK features the same detacheable USB cable, cable grooves under the keyboard and non-slip rubber feet as the rest of the range and will feature the same build quality we’ve become accustomed to.

Cooler Master hasn’t set a blanket RRP for the Quickfire TK and has stated in its press release that price and availability will vary by region. We can probably expect something before Christmas!

Source: TechpowerUp!

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