Last week, via Facebook, Irrational Games held a vote for what fans wanted to see in the next trailer for BioShock Infinite. You could choose from a bunch of options, like more on Elizabeth, more on Booker, the Songbird, Handyman, Skyhooks, zeppelins etcetera. After having watched this latest trailer, I’m guessing that all of the options tied for first place, because they’re all in there. Except for maybe the zeppelins – don’t think there were any in that amalgamation of chaotically fast gameplay.

Yes, that’s the good news, this trailer is made up of loads and loads of gameplay, and it looks fantastic. That visceral, first-person experience has risen from the murky depths of BioShock and BioShock 2, to nestle itself nicely into Infinite.

Hit the jump for the trailer. BioShock Infinite is out towards the end of February next year. Don’t forget about that massive Songbird collector’s edition that’s just begging for you to spend your monthly food budget on it instead – you can eat potatoes for a few weeks, and you know it’ll be worth it.


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