Indie showcase: Frogatto & Friends

In the grand tradition of 16-bit, SNES-style games comes Frogatto: a freeware indie platformer that blends retro-esque graphics with action-platforming and dry wit.

The game plants you firmly in the boots of the titular frog who wakes up one day to discover that his land is under siege from a dark and mysterious figure named Milgram (a tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous experiment of the same name). Without anything better to do, and coming to the conclusion that life under Milgram might not exactly be pleasant, Frogatto eventually resolves to be a hero.

Being a frog, Frogatto has an elastic tongue that functions as both a tool and a weapon. Enemies are dealt with mainly by lashing out and swallowing them, Kirby-style, and then spitting them out to be reused as cannon fodder. Alternatively, you may use the tongue to grab items that are just out of your reach, which becomes all the more plausible as you obtain power-ups which extend the length of the useful organ.

Speaking of power-ups, there are a multitude that can be earned and purchased. Frogatto’s world is littered with coins and secrets are plentiful. In addition, many locales can be revisited in the game’s map, allowing previously unreachable areas to be opened up after obtaining a new upgrade.

The game is full of humour, the focus of which is mainly Frogatto’s irreverent attitude towards events and his place in the world. The graphics are classic retro and the music and sound effects follow suit by being blippy affairs. If you’re a fan of old-style platformers with just a touch of RPG elements and lots of cuteness, you can’t go wrong with Frogatto.

Hop on over yonder to catch your copy of this nugget of platforming goodness. It holds the record for having the most ports of any game featured on the Indie Showcase to date, with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and even Blackberry Playbook and Pandora variants available! It’s also worth noting that the game is still being actively developed, so fans might want to keep a watch as new versions are released which include additional features and bug fixes.