Microsoft’s SmartGlass for Xbox 360 launches this Friday

Major Nelson has revealed that SmartGlass will be out this Friday. First revealed at this year’s E3, SmartGlass is a free app that will allow your Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablet devices to speak to your Xbox 360. Yes, you read that right: Windows Phone 8 only unfortunately – Microsoft has made no mention of the application being compatible with current Windows Phone 7 devices.

SmartGlass will allow you to control a lot of Xbox 360 content from your mobile device. This will be particularly useful when it comes to web browsing thanks to the most recent dashboard update as your phone or tablet will double as a touch-based input device and keyboard.

Insofar as game support goes, Major Nelson has revealed a fairly small list of titles and apps that will include SmartGlass implementation in the coming months: Ascend, Dance Central 3, Forza Horizon, Halo Waypoint, Home Run Stars, Kinect Sesame Street TV and Prima Games content.

Source: Major Nelson
Via: Twitter