“Don’t play violent games before bed,” says Science

Okay, I may be paraphrasing, but that is basically the conclusion drawn by a recent Australian study, after investigating the effects which playing games before bedtime has on teenagers’ sleep patterns.

According to Medical Xpress, the study tested a group of 17 year old boys who played violent video games for 50-150 minutes before going to bed. Boys who played violent video games for 150 minutes just before going to bed lost a total of 27 minutes in total sleep time. Furthermore, they experienced a 39 minute delay in sleep onset.

“While they went to bed at their regular bedtime, the adolescents’ still experienced significant sleep disruptions caused by frequent awakenings throughout the night,” explained Flinders University child sleep psychologist, Dr. Michael Gradisar.

Boys who only played games for 50 minutes before bed experienced far less severe effects. These test subjects were able to get to sleep in around 22 minutes, which is considered normal.

So, um, if you want to get good sleep you should keep your late night gaming sessions to under an hour.