Earlier this week it was revealed that Borderlands would be coming to iOS devices. If you missed that quasi announcement, you can find it here. Now, thanks to website Entertainment Weekly of all places, we have the first details on Gearbox’s mobile foray.

The game is not a first-person shooter, which is a good thing for mobile devices. Instead, we’re getting somewhat of an action RPG played from a top-down perspective. You’ll also be controlling all four of the original Vault Hunters at the same time, so it’ll have a dash of strategy and cover-based gameplay. Familiar enemies will feature (Skags, Spider Ants, Bandits etc) as will boss battles. Each character will have an action skill to unlock, and a more demure skill tree for further abilities. You’ll also be able to hit Marcus’s vending machines to purchase new weapons, of which there are reportedly thousands of variations. Apparently, there’ll be no level cap either, and enemies will scale up alongside your character levels. Insofar as story goes there’s not much information, but missions will be randomly generated.

The game is out on 31 October and costs $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad. Hit the jump for more screenshots.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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