Gigabyte brings out some new peripherals for you to buy

Swag is awesome. Swag is what makes people envy you, hate you and sometimes, even love you. Swag is the stuff you buy that makes your life more complete, or makes your collection of other swag look less like you don’t have a life and more like you’re an awesome person. The following stuff you’re about to see isn’t swag by definition, although it does look cool. Gigabyte’s done some modifications to their Avivia gaming lineup and will let you have a peek today.

First up is the Avivia K8100 V2 keyboard, the successor to the original K8100 which was decked out with orange backlighting and got a thumbs-up from the NAG staff in a keyboard round-up last year. Considering the multitude of manufacturers now coming out with mechanical keyboards, its a bit weird reporting on a new one that isn’t. The K8100 V2 keyboard comes with a standard key layout with blue backlighting, a very retro-looking Windows key, touch-sensitive media controls as well as a volume indicator and five macro keys on the top-left side of the keyboard, with a special gaming mode triggered by hitting the button on the top left corner.

Unusually for a keyboard based on the age-old membrane design, the keys are tuned in groups for gamers and typists for better performance. Gaming keys require the most force to press down, followed by the rest of the regular typing keys and the blue group requires very light presses, usesul for those quick combos that need fast and dexterous fingers in-game. The wrist-rest is also finally detachable, something that the buyers of the first Avivia complained about and ended up as a gripe with NAG”s roundup team.

The Avivia Krypton mouse was seen in spy shots months before its release. This is one of Gigabyte’s forays into the world of high-performance peripherals, given the insanely high 8200dpi, teflon and rubber feet, extensive weight customisation options and a racier design than what we’re currently used to. It also features anti-Ghosting technology, allowing up to seven keypresses on the mouse to be registered at the same time. I’m not sure where on earth someone would need that kind of functionality but whoever you are, I’m sure you’re green with envy right now. To complement the high-performance nature of the Krypton, Gigabyte also designed a matching mousepad to go along with it.

Its a great-looking package from Gigabyte and the blue highlights at least matches the company’s graphics cards and motherboard PCBs. I always felt that the original Avivia keyboard with orange backlights was out of place and this looks much better. But you know, that’s not all. There’s also the company’s mechanical monster, the Avivia Osmium.

Also featuring anti-Ghosting technology, the Osmium comes standard with Cherry MX Red switches and a 45g actuation force for all keys. Featuring the same blue backlighting, a detachable wrist rest, five macro keys and USB 3.0 pass-through with gold-plated audio connectors, its certainly qualified enough to be called a high-end product. Rest assured, if you’re a Gigabyte fan, there’s certainly enough cool stuff to drool over and even buy. While pricing hasn’t been revealed, Gigabyte has said the most of the new Avivia range should be avaiable before month-end. Keep your eyes peeled!

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