NAG Magazine: November 2012 Issue

Universal truth: throughout history (ALL OF IT), everything that’s ever lived, and that ever will live will always have at least a faint love of LEGO and all its trappings, even when it’s in video game form. By that logic, that makes this the most important historical cover that we’ve ever produced, because that’s just how science works. Just go with it.

By now you’ve probably guessed that this month’s issue is covered in spilt LEGO pieces that you thought you’d lost until your mom stepped on it and promptly tried to murder you for trying to murder her feet with errant brightly coloured plastic blocks that it’s actually totally her fault for not seeing and jeez mom get off my case and I’m a grown man now and yes I still love LEGO and ooh is that Minecraft and…

I seem to have lost my train-smash of thought. Hit the jump for clarity!

Right, now that we’re all in our respective safe places, let’s discuss this with a bit more calm. We’ve got four wonderful covers! Again! You should get them all to avoid being shunned by cool people. We’ve been told that’s a thing that happens. Our November issue boasts all the usual bits and bobs you’ve come to expect, along with two exciting new hidden features: “home_coded” and “Everything else”. The former is where we look at all manner of locally developed gaming loveliness, and the latter is pretty self explanatory, where we grab random stuff like collectible card games, pen-‘n’-paper RPGs, figurines and more, and stare at them in the hope that they’ll magically write words about themselves. But they don’t, so we write them.

We’re running light on previews this month as the end-of-year rush picks up momentum and ALL OF THE GAMES assault our various gaming platforms, forcing us to bloat our reviews section. Our lone wolf-ing preview this month is still a cracker, showing off the mad, exciting RTS inventions of the brilliant looking Company of Heroes 2.

And now for that overflowing reviews section. In it you’ll find out if we think XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake worthy of its beloved predecessors, and if The Sims 3: Supernatural is a Sims fan’s Twilight dream. The battle of the footballs happens right here with reviews of FIFA 2013 and PES 2013Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 share a lovely cup of tea to the backdrop of a fistfight between boxing-gloved velociraptors and ludicrous jelly breasts (no, really). Torchlight II does the cooperative action RPG dance in the wake of Diablo III and we find out if it knows all the steps.

Hardware does its thing with a look at Tt eSports’ new high-end Level 10M gaming mouse. We review AMD’s new A10 5800K APU to see how it fares against the competition. Possibly the best Z77 motherboard in existence gets put through its paces. Two new components are added to our coveted Dream Machine, and the rest involves everything from gaming headsets to water coolers.

Finally, we have our list o’ features. On the cover, LEGO The Lord of the Rings takes its blocky charm and charming blockiness to the sprawling fantasy lands of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, wooing players with its adorable humour and familiar action puzzling. Call of Duty: Black Ops II reveals to us its many multiplayer reimaginings, and why people shouldn’t just expect iteration from its multi-playered extravaganza. MSI’s prestigious Master Overclocking Arena in Taipei, Taiwan, was a huge hit and a resounding success this year, and we were there to bring you all the details. Finally, we bid one last farewell to rAge 2012 and all of its glorious madness, hopefully helping you to understand (if you’ve never attended) why it’s such an important, much-loved event on South Africa’s (and all of Africa’s, really) gaming calendar.

You’ll find all of this in the November issue, due on sale tomorrow, Thursday the 25th of October. Also, buy all four covers and receive forty bonus Life Points. Also also, don’t forget that if you insist on loving trees and hating  paper, there’s also our Zinio digital edition of the mag, which will get you all four covers in digital form should you choose to snag it.

And now: prettiness! Click for bigger!

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