Nintendo is anticipating Wii U production limitations

Nintendo has just held its financials report for the second quarter of the current financial year. During that report, company president Satoru Iwata discussed the upcoming release of the new Wii U console. The Wii U is pegged to release on 18 November in the US and 30 November in the UK, EU, Australia and South Africa. Japan will be getting it last on 08 December.

When these dates were announced a few weeks back, retailers across the globe were told by Nintendo just how many Wii U consoles they could expect to have available for the launch. According to Iwata, many of those retailers have already completely sold out of pre-order allocations. What’s more, the biggest gaming store franchise in the US, GameStop, already has a waiting list of over 250, 000 people.

Nintendo anticipates being able ship 5.5 million Wii U units this fiscal year in addition to 24 million units of Wii U games. Incidentally, those 24 million games do not include the bundled titles that come with certain Wii U consoles.

According to Iwata, production of Wii U consoles only began during the summer (our winter time here in South Africa). He also stated that “it has now become more likely that it is our production capacity, rather than consumer demand, that will place limits on our Wii U prospects for this calendar year.”

Source: Nintendo
Via: Polygon