With AMD’s Radeon HD7000 family receiving a little kick in the butt thanks to the Catalyst 12.11 beta (with the actual installer due in about two or so weeks for the official Catalyst client. But while the Radeon HD7850 2GB card continues to receive strong sales because Nvidia’s GTX660 now retails for slightly more, the 1GB version of the same unit doesn’t have as much market reach, primarily because only two manufacturers have their models available locally: Sapphire and Gigabyte. The latter is prepping another card for release in time for the holiday shoppers.

Its still sporting the Windforce 2x cooler with two 80mm fans that are designed for maximum airflow. It will ship with a starting clock speed of 860MHz and 1GB of DDR5 RAM topping out at 4.8GHz on a 256-bit memory interface. Besides being another regular Radeon card, this might ship by default with the free game tokens offered with AMD’s Never Settle and Gaming Evolved programs that will be ramping themselves up this Christmas (yes, Christmas. Dude, its less than two months away!). Gigabyte hasn’t made a note of when the card will launch or the pricing that will be attached, but expect it to be below the R2400 price point the Sapphire card with its Vapor-X cooler currently commands.

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