When the Internet explodes as a result of some alleged game advertisement posters, that’s when you know people are starved for details on Rockstar’s GTA V. A Polish website that only exists to follow all things GTA V, has posted the above image. They’re claiming that the posters you see above will soon be all over Europe as Rockstar begins to advertise their upcoming money-printing machine.

Yay! Posters! Right? The nicest thing about them, however, is that they have a tentative release date on them for GTA V: “Spring 2013”, which means any time between March and May for us here in South Africa.

Rockstar is obviously remaining tight-lipped about this supposed leak of information, but that’s probably because Game Informer magazine will be featuring GTA V as one of their cover stories. The Game Informer team has already seen the game so we can expect a ton of legitimate information to come spewing forth onto the Internet fairly soon.

Source: GTA-Five.pl
Via: Kotaku

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