Certain Warfighter Achievements & Trophies aren’t unlocking

Whew boy, Electronic Arts and Danger Close aren’t having a particularly good run with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game has been getting tepid reviews so far with its numerous bugs being one of the biggest tripping points.

Despite EA releasing a day one patch for the game, many bugs still remain. One such bug (that’s certain to turn Achievement Whores’ blood cold) has been reported via the game’s official forums. Apparently, there’s a group of Achievements and Trophies that aren’t unlocking when they’re supposed to. The group is identical across both console platforms.

The “Global Warfighters” Achievement/Trophy (for unlocking a soldier from each unit), the “Warchief” Achievement/Trophy (for unlocking all soldiers in multiplayer) and the “Squad Leader” Achievement/Trophy (for unlocking a unit from each class) are not unlocking when they’re supposed to. Electronic Arts is yet to release a statement and so far there is no workaround. It’s worth noting that this glitch hasn’t affected everyone, but it’s a widespread issue nonetheless.

Source: Battlelog Forums
Via: Joystiq