AMD Trinity chips on our shores yet?

With the month finished and November around the corner, I thought it would be about the right time for a quick look around the internet to see if anyone had AMD Trinity chips in stock. At rAge I spoke to one of the Evetech reps who said that the company had seen some consumer interest both before and during the expo and was expecting chips to show up closer to the end of the month. So if you wanted one, where could you find it?


AMD A4-5300 3.4GHz 65W @ R297

AMD A6-5400K 3.6GHz 65W @ R812

AMD A8-5600K 3.6GHz 100W @ R1196

AMD A10-5800K 3.8GHz 100W @ R1507

Rebeltech confirmed (at the time of writing) that they’d have some stock by the end of the month, of both chips and socket FM2 motherboards. They’ve caught on pretty quickly with the recent price drops, lowering the price of the dual-core A4-5300 to under R300 to make it more competitive against Intel’s low-end Celeron chips with the regular Intel HD graphics. The rest of the range promised comprises only of the unlocked K processors, giving buyers more value for money at the low-end, particularly if they reach for the A10-5700.

Unfortunately, as far as motherboards go, Rebeltech could only confirm that they’d be getting Asrock FM2 motherboards. As of today, no FM2 boards populate their online catalog, although to be fair they have listed all their Trinity processors as “Out of Stock”. No price drops for the FM1-based Llano stock have been observed, although this may change as time passes.


Sybaritic has no FM2 boards or Trinity processors listed. They do have quite a lot of FM1 and Llano stock on their catalog though, so they may figure a fire sale or stock clearance would be a more prudent exercise before stocking the newer chips. The pricing of their FM1 Llano processors seems to have dropped by an average of R200 for each SKU. If you’re looking for a bargain in the next week or so, they’ll be one of the retailers to watch out for. Already the A4-3400 is selling for R565, but will be no match for the A4-5300 when that lands.


At the time of writing this column, Titan-Ice was unsure of their stock levels or pricing, replying that they were still waiting for the stock to arrive at their importer. The site usually price-matches with Rebeltech and Wootware and will be one of the more competitive options out there, but currently is an average of R150 more expensive than Sybaritic. They also still have FM1 boards and processors listed, with no entries for FM2-focused products.

At least Rebeltech provides price estimations for enthusiasts waiting to snap them up.


Evetech’s stand at rAge was all about AMD’s products so there’s no doubt they’ll be one of the main retailers of the chips into the country. Gaming PCs are the company’s bread and butter and its no surprise that they already have an option up for pre-order based on AMD’s A8-5600K unlocked processor, with the option to beef things up to the A10-5800K. I do feel that the A10-5800K would be a better fit, due to the latter’s improved graphics core and better stock performance. Its a welcome sign, though, that the company bundles SSDs into their builds by default for the slightly more expensive gaming rigs

Like the rest of the retailers, Evetech also has a lot of Llano stock available and only has one PC with Trinity as an option. Lets hope some lowered prices will give them more room for the updated APU family.


Prophecy likewise still has FM1 stock on their site and doesn’t even mention any upcoming FM2 products, now that their Beta section has disappeared (rather sadly, as wide-awake buyers kept on haunting that space for the latest products as they would roll in). They are, however, the only online retailer that seems to have leftover Athlon II and Phenom II stock:

AMD Athlon II X255 3.1GHz @ R645

AMD Phenom II Black Edition X2 565 3.4GHz @ R980

AMD’s Phenom lineup is best known for providing generally better value and performance-per-Rand than the Core 2 series. The Phenom X2 chips are usually also quad-cores that have disabled cores. Unlocking via Advanced Clock Calibration in the BIOS was usually 70% effective, turning dual-cores into triple or even quad-cores. If someone finds a Phenom II x4 965, those have a 50% chance of unlocking into a full x6 chip.


Like everyone else, Wootware has FM1 stock on-hand and little notice of plans to move forward to offering FM2 products. They do, however, have a blast from the past at a reasonably good price:

AMD Socket L1 FX-70 2.6GHz @ R3063

Finding these chips new is pretty rare. Finding one second-hand in mint condition is rarer still. The original FX series allowed AMD to mow through a lot of Intel’s dual-core troops from the Pentium 4 and Netburst era and they’re still strong performers for desktop and server use years on. And they also list a dual-socket L1 board from ASUS. They were incredible performers for their time and twelve SATA ports is nothing to sneeze at, even today.


And lastly, Ikonic IT stays the trend by continuing to list socket FM1 products at the same price. No FM2 boards or chips are seen anywhere, but there’s another Athlon X2 chip floating around, this time its the X2 250. I still have an x2 245 in my drawer and I’m itching to use it somewhere.

So there you have it: we’re a month past the launch of AMD’s latest APU family and a full product refresh, but we’re barely seeing any word from local retailers of stock of said products. I can see the A10-5700 being the weapon of choice for gamers and HTPC enthusiasts with the A4-5300 creating waves in the budget PC segment. Will you be buying one? Let us know in the comments and forums.

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