Behold the wonderment that is this Puppeteer trailer

Perhaps you got a chance to read our preview on Puppeteer in the October edition of NAG? While the preview was crammed with the first bits of information on the game, it really couldn’t do much justice to just how special this game looks. Sony’s Japan Studio, under the leadership of Gavin Moore, has been beavering away on the project for more than three years now.

Seeing the game in motion is the only way to convey the potential this title has. Its individually animated characters, constantly shifting scenes and those 140 separate lighting sources all equate to one of the most unique looking games on the planet.

Puppeteer is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3. Do yourself a favour and check out the latest trailer after the jump. It’s themed around the spooky levels for Halloween, which makes up just one of the myriad environments the game’s protagonist will find himself in.