UPDATE: Claptrap webseries getting a second season

Shortly before the original Borderlands debuted, Gearbox began a webseries in order promote the game. The series starred Claptrap and took on a “behind the scenes” approach, making Claptrap out to be involved in directing the game. It’s also where Steve the bandit came from, and, well, everyone loves Steve. Heyoo!

Once the game was out, the Claptrap webseries became a means for Gearbox to promote DLC offerings and then finally the Game of the Year edition. There were four episodes in total and if you missed them or need a refresher, you can find all of them right here.

Gearbox has announced via their Facebook page that the webseries will be getting a second season. The first episode will be released sometime this week, and you can watch it early on Gearbox’s Facebook page.

UPDATE: first episode is up on Facebook.

Source: Facebook
Via: Polygon