Hinted at last week, Bethesda has revealed the third piece of Skyrim DLC called “Dragonborn”. A lot of the new content in the DLC was uncovered when fans went rummaging through the data files for the more recent 1.8 update to the game. If you watch the new DLC’s trailer (after the jump) then you’ll be able to see just how much of the discovered content has actually been included.

In “Dragonborn” you’ll get to travel to the region of Solstheim, which is a Nord colony that first made an appearance in Morrowind. There you’ll face a dragon priest who also happens to be the first Dragonborn that ever existed. New enemiy types have been added (goblins! Riding on what look like wild boars!) as well as new weapons and dragons as mounts.

“Dragonborn” is, once again, a timed exclusive to Xbox 360. It’ll be out on 04 December for 1 600 MS Points. You can expect it on PC shortly after that, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a PlayStation 3 release any time soon, seeing as the first two pieces of DLC still haven’t made an appearance.


Source: Bethesda Blog
Via: Twitter

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