Audiophiles unite! Obviously that doesn’t include yours truly (seeing as I’m deaf and all), but I’m a big fan of headsets that produce great sound. My Phillips set may serve me well but I’m looking for something better. If you’re also looking for a change of pace, ASUS wants you to pay attention to the Orion headset they just released. Colour-coded to match the official ROG colours in black and red, the Orion and Orion Pro headsets are impressive-looking pieces of kit.

Man, that does look comfortable. The Orion family consists of the vanilla and Pro headsets, with the Pro being the more expensive kit that also comes with the ROG Spitfire, a add-on peripheral to the headphone that acts as an amplifier and switches between 7:1 surround and a special mode designed for first-person shooters, called FPS EQ. What it does, in a nutshell, is amplify specific sounds in-game that will help gamers identify enemy positions and movements. Things like footsteps, gunfire and callouts are amplified and prioritised over other sounds to help you issue a beatdown to the spy sneaking up behind for a knife attack.

The headphone part of the package is the same between both versions, with 50mm neodymium drivers, larger ear cups with passive noise cancellation up to 30db and a retractable microphone that also mutes itself when retracted. The Orion Pro features a cable management system, but ASUS hasn’t gone into specifics about what they mean, exactly. Both headsets also feature full 7:1 channel surround sound with the option to switch to stero mode. 7:1 is useless for people like me deaf on one side (my right) so the stereo option should help a lot.

ASUS has quoted general availability worldwide in around a month, with South Africa possibly getting the first batch of stock in January 2013.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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