The computer mouse must be one of the peripherals that is likely to have multiple personalities. There’s a mouse for claw-grip gamers and palm-grip gamers, small hands and big hands and there’s even a mouse that folds up! There’s arguably too much choice for those looking to replace their mouse and now ASUS has added to the confusion even further with what looks like a great gaming mouse. What can the GX1000 offer? Lets take a peek.

The GX1000 features sensors capable of a super-high 8200dpi for precise movements and Teflon feet for gliding over any surfaces. As usual, there’s a dpi switcher and up to five buttons, two of which are programmable and multi-functional. You can even set the dpi down to as low as 50dpi, perfect for when you’re camping with a sniper rifle and need to be very precise with your movements. The mouse has a brushed aluminium finish and soft-touch plastics that accentuate the black underbody.

The GX1000 also comes bundled with its own mouse mat, custom-designed by ASUS to get the most performance out of the mouse. Although any good mat will suffice, its a nice touch and everyone loves a freebie. The GX1000 looks like it may be better suited to palm grip gamers like myself, although I’m sure claw grippers might find it satisfactory. The GX1000 is wired which means you don’t have to contend with batteries, but some purists might insist on waiting for a wireless version. I’m all for less cable clutter on my desk as well, so a wireless version might be right up my alley.

ASUS quotes general availability of one month and should hit our shores in the beginning of January 2013. Pricing isn’t set, but expect it to take the fight to the Cyborg R.A.T 7 which currently hovers around R950.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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