AMD is working on a FX-8300 and HD7890

AMD’s been busy in the last two months releasing a new family of processors on a new socket and updating their AM3+ lineup of FX CPUs. In the FX range, the FX-8320 is probably the best value for gamers and is priced around $169. The company has announced its intention to release cheaper a FX-8300 priced around $159, with default core speeds of 3.2GHz boosting up to 3.6GHz, an unlocked multiplier and a low 95W TDP, matching the FX-4300 and FX-6300. There’s also a HD7890 in the works, designed to combat the Nvidia GTX660 Ti and be at least 10% faster. AMD expects a December launch for both products.

Source: TechpowerUp! (link1, link2)