But wait, there’s more! New Far Cry 3 story trailer

Just when you thought Ubisoft couldn’t possibly have any new footage of Far Cry 3 left to show you, along comes this brand new story trailer. The publisher’s advertising juggernaut keeps steamrolling on it seems, flattening any other upcoming title. Seriously, not even Black Ops II has had this much in the way of marketing. It’s almost like Ubisoft is trying to remind us that there’s more than one shooter coming out in Nove – oh wait.

Despite the fact that I moan about how relentless this marketing campaign has become, I can’t stop myself from watching the trailers, interviews and numerous web series. I’m still looking forward to playing it, even though I’m more convinced now than ever that I’ve seen everything there is to see in the game.

Hit the jump to watch Jason Brody get attacked by the local fauna, shot at by the local population, and sample the local cuisine that makes him trip balls. It’s also kind of interesting that Ubisoft chose the media quotes they have; the ones that draw comparisons to other big games like Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim.

You can tell your mom to stop sharing stupid posts about the “Momo challenge” on Facebook because it’s not even real