Screens using the 21:9 aspect ratio are few and far between. Currently only Dell has one on sale, the U2913WM which I mentioned a while back. If you’re in tune with the kind of tech that goes into LCD screens, you’d know that LG makes most of the IPS panels used in other displays and brands (Apple included). The company has now unveiled their 21:9 29-inch monitor (likely the exact same panel) to the world as the EA93.

First off, it looks so weird. I still can’t get around how weird and wide it looks. Its cool but also oddly uncomfortable. Its much like that extremely wide Toshiba Satellite U845W-S410 which packed a 1,792 x 768 screen in an ultra-wide 14.4″ screen. 21:9 screens have the same 1080 pixel height as commonly available 22″ and larger monitors, but also boast an ultra-wide 2560 pixel width. Those of you currently using dual monitors might see the value in having one of these puppies to take up less desk space; it also works inversely, because those of you looking at a dual-monitor configuration (as I am) would be well served by a solution like this one.

LG quotes an astounding sRGB coverage of 100% which means this monitor will certainly launch with an extremely high price tag, being aimed more at professionals rather than the general public. But for the first time, there’s finally an alternative to the hugely expensive Apple Cinema display, which was one of the few options gamers and professionals had going larger than 1920 x 1200. The EA93 does have a trick up its sleeve though – a digital passthru option that allows you to connect two monitors to it using the DVI-D port while the entire array is driven through the single Displayport input. LG calls this Dual Link-up and its going to be interesting to see how this is used (I’m told its for simpler calibration).

The LG EA93 goes on sale this month in South Korea and reaches the rest of the world approximately a month later. So, who’s buying three of these for Eyefinity?

Source: TechpowerUp!

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