7 Navy Seals disciplined for Medal of Honor involvement

And no, they weren’t disciplined because the game is a load of rubbish. Seven members of the now famous SEAL Team Six (the same team that killed bin Laden) took part in the development of Medal of Honor: Warfighter for two days. During those two days, the group acted as some of the many “Tier 1 Operatives” who consulted with developer Danger Close in order to make the game as authentic as possible… you know, with all of the enemies who are capable of taking multiple sniper rounds to the head without dying. Authentic!

The US Navy has subjected the seven SEAL operatives to disciplinary action for divulging classified Navy information. Apparently they also broke an unwritten Navy SEAL rule which states that members of the SEALs are supposed to be “silent warriors who shun the spotlight.” Which doesn’t really explain why the Navy has given the go-ahead for other SEAL members to appear in a film about the bin Laden raid. Clearly Hollywood films are ok, but consulting on video games is not.

The seven are still on active duty, although five of them have been transferred out of SEAL Team 6 to another unit; it’s unclear whether this transfer was a result of their participation in Warfighter. As a result of their disciplinary proceedings, the seven have been issued formal letters of reprimand (which, according to CBS, can seriously hamper their odds of promotion) and have had half of their salaries taken away for two months.

Source: CBS
Via: Polygon