Rockstar’s super-hyped and, to date, super-secret Grand Theft Auto V has finally had the inevitable information blowout. All of the new information is courtesy of the December issue of Game Informer, which features an 18-page article on Rockstar’s next big thing.

The three playable characters are Michael, Franklin and Trevor. You’ll be able to switch between them at the touch of a button when you’re not on a mission. During missions you’ll be given certain moments to decide who you want to play as. For example: you might be given the choice to use Franklin to cover Michael with a sniper rifle, or to use Michael himself, who has infiltrated a building to rescue a target. Trevor, meanwhile, is piloting a helicopter that all three characters used to get to the location. Once the target is rescued, you’d be given another option to switch characters: continue sniping with Franklin, pilot the helicopter as Trevor, or use the on-board gun as Michael.

As for the characters themselves, Michael is in his 40s. He used to rob banks but has since turned witness and is now under police protection. His witness bargain earned him a ton of money from the state and as such he lives a life of luxury in Rockford Hills (the game’s version of Beverley Hills). He’s married to a trophy wife who is only with him for the money, and he has two children: an obnoxious teenage daughter and a twenty year old son. Michael’s money is running out so he’s about to get back to robbing banks.

Franklin is described as a hustler in his 20s and works at a car dealership as a repo man, but he’s got bigger aspirations and wants more from life. He comes into contact with Michael while trying to reprocess one of his cars.

Finally, Trevor used to be a military pilot but is now a junkie living in a desert community known as Blaine County. The area is full of meth addicts and people obsessed with motorbikes. Trevor and Michael are old friends, and the two get in contact again for one more bank robbery.

GTA V is described as Rockstar’s biggest open world to date; it’ll be larger than San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption. As Rockstar previously hinted at, you’ll be able to put on SCUBA gear to explore the ocean depths along the coast of Los Santos.

Source: Game InformerEurogamer

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