What if darkness was not merely the absence of light, but a void which swallowed up matter? What if the things you’re seeing at this very moment are all that currently exist? These concepts are explored in-depth in the wonderful indie puzzle-platformer that is Closure.

The game takes a cue from Limbo by presenting the game in an entirely black-and-white package. You control a faceless, spider-like being who wanders a dark and gloomy world and takes on the appearance of various people by applying body-altering masks. The player’s character is then tasked with finding the exit in each world by manipulating various light sources.


Objects phase in and out of existence depending on whether or not light is refracting off them. This opens up the door to virtually endless puzzle-solving scenarios; you may have to illuminate a walkway to reach an exit, or diminish light from an obstruction in order to make it passable. Some light sources, the most common of which are glowing crystal balls, are portable and can be carried. Others are to be found in wheels while some are static. Sometimes you will encounter lamps that have to be positioned just right and certain plant-like lights will turn on and off depending on how close your character is to them. Removing the light from under your feet will cause you to fall into the black emptiness and you’ll have to restart the level from scratch.

Unlike other indie puzzle-platformers (I’m looking at you, Braid), Closure does not become a victim of its own internal logic. The puzzles make sense and, while you’ll probably be scratching your head at a few of them, they never feel cheap or woefully abstract. The graphics are stylish and crisp while the music is absolutely top-notch and enhances the atmosphere with a creepy undertone. The level count is quite high, too, so there’s quite a few hours of fun to be had with this one.

It’s available for Windows and Mac from Steam.

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