UPDATE: Curiosity killed the cat, 22cans responds

In this case, however, “the cat” is actually the server hosting 22cans’ Curiosity experiment/app/game/thing. Molyneux’s fledgling upstart development company is battling to get Curiosity behaving the way they want it to. Those of you who have caved and tried to get involved with the cube-chiselling game, might have seen more error messages than actual cubes. This, 22cans attests, is because they were totally unprepared for the amount of traffic Curiosity has caused.

Molyneux and co have said that around a million people are trying to access the server that runs Curiosity. For a game that relies on concurrent connections, this is an issue. “We are extremely disappointed with ourselves that we underestimated the popularity of Curiosity,” a rather crestfallen 22cans admitted in an official statement. “This is manifesting in a subpar experience for the majority of curious people around the world. We can only offer a heartfelt apology at this stage; our programmers have been awake pretty much since Curiosity came out. We implemented what we thought would be a major fix on our live servers on Thursday but that didn’t give us or you the results we wanted.”

22cans has released a video update detailing what’s going on inside their offices as a result of this hiccup. Despite the fact that things haven’t gone according to plan, Molyneux remains optimistic – which, we suppose, is pretty much a given seeing as its Molyneux.

On top of connectivity issues, many users are reporting coins vanishing from their profile. As you chip away at the minute blocks that make up the gigantic cube, you collect coins that can be used to purchase upgrades and tools to make your OCD chiselling progress a little faster.

It’s unknown what lies at the centre of the cube, but that human need to know is what drives this experiment. Molyneux and 22cans promise a life-changing secret at the centre of the cube, but only one person will actually get to see what it is.

UPDATE: 22cans has started taking donations via a PayPal account to, presumably, help them with their server woes.

Source: Kotaku

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