Gigabyte’s been a busy bee, pushing out a full range of motherboards, new peripherals and revisions of graphics cards that go faster. They’re one of the most aggressive companies with their releases next to ASUS, which seems to push out something new every week.The M7 Thor is the latest lovechild from Gigabyte and provides a slightly fresher and sharper take on an old concept – the gaming mouse.

At first glance, it looks very similar to the Avivia Osmium, only a slimmer, more anorexic version. Gigabyte kits it out with a 6000dpi sensor, two programmable buttons and Teflon feet for easier movement across a range of surfaces. The paint job looks nice and the top might be matte which would help for the sweaty-palmed gamers out there. Sadly (or gladly, if it suits you) its a right-handed unit which means that lefties are left out (haha…geddit? left out…whahaha…meh, you get the idea) once again. Sorry lads, there just aren’t enough of you (or me, I write left-handed but I went to the dark side).

Gigabyte also seems to follow the trend of braiding the cable for durability. Apparently a “intense and long-time” session could break regular USB cables and leave gamers “hurt”, or so the press release says. Now I’m not sure about you guys but I’ve used a braided cable before and it actually got more in the way of whatever I was doing than anything else.  I’d much rather take a wireless mouse than have to fight with more clutter on the desk.

What are the thoughts from the NAGlings? It looks a little too sharp and angular for me and possibly a bit big as well (not to mention cheap, but maybe I’m being a little unfair on mere pictures here). I have large hands but even the Logiteth G500 felt too big and unwieldy. The G9x was an improvement and felt much better and this looks like its in the opposite direction. Obviously hands-on time would change that but there’s no ETA or pricing for South Africa yet. If you’re a fan, this is definitely worth a look.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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