Silicon Knights ordered to destroy their own games

For many years, developer Silicon Knights was in court with Epic Games over a dispute regarding Unreal Engine 3. Silicon Knights had claimed that Epic was using Unreal Engine 3 licensing fees to fund development of Gears of War instead of funding improvements to the engine. Epic, on the other hand, provided counter-claims against Silicon Knights, saying the developer had breached their UE3 licensing contract and stolen Epic’s trade secrets, as well as copyrighted material within the UE3 code. The jury sided with Epic Games, and Silicon Knights was forced to pay $4.45 million in damages.

That all happened back in May this year. Now, however, recently surfaced court documents have indicated that the monetary pay-out wasn’t the only result of the initial court proceedings – Silicon Knights has to destroy everything they’ve made that uses Unreal Engine 3.

The developer has until 10 December 2012 to destroy all of their Unreal Engine 3 titles, including Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. This includes all of the code making up their various games as well as all unsold copies of those games, which will be recalled from retailers.

Source: Polygon

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