Telkom SAIX users still without International connectivity

Since Thursday night users on the Telkom network and Do broadband subscribers have noticed that service was severely degraded and international connectivity wasn’t working at all. Telkom’s warning to the public about this issue appeared in a notice on the MyBroadband forums by the, alerting subcribers that some server maintenance was scheduled for the weekend.

However, all has not been well since the restarting of their servers. 

For many, Telkom’s SAIX and SAT3 backbones are stable and suitable enough for international connectivity. I’m one of the many users satisfied with how things have been running lately, with the exception of a few DNS errors which oddly, after the server restarts this weekend, have been fixed. For those of you still affected by slow speeds, this is why:

The slow speeds users are getting for international connections is due to Telkom restarting their load balancers. Because they have two international backbones that tens of thousands of people connect to, its not the wisest of decisions to simply open the floodgates and let everyone download the internet again. If your local speeds are fine but international speeds and latency is suffering, try restarting your router and use the Google DNS servers ( and to avoid being shunted back and forth between the two backbones. Some reports on other forums suggest that calling Telkom and getting them to reset your port also improves things a bit, but you’re still likely to struggle for websites that haven’t been pre-cached by Telkom’s SAIX servers yet.

On that note, I’ve been seeing speed-ups in page load times for popular websites thanks to the flushed cache. Facebook, Youtube and Tom’s Hardware all load up quicker than before and there’s no longer a noticeable difference between using the Google DNS servers and the ones Telkom gives you by default.

So there you have it folks, that’s why you have a problem. I know that knowing what the issue is doesn’t really help, but at least you could take some comfort in knowing that others are sitting with the same issues (err…, okay, so you might not take comfort from that either. Its the thought that counts, right?).

Source: MyBroadband Forums

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