Square Enix has announced three character skins coming to Sleeping Dogs tomorrow. The outfits for Agent 47 from Hitman, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause will be added as player outfits for the open-world crime game. The downloadable content will do more than simply reskin the main character of Wei Shen, as each outfit will add certain perks and a unique weapon.

Agent 47’s suit will make life a little harder for Hong Kong’s cops, as the suit will reduce your amount of attention from the police force. You’ll also get a silenced pistol so you can take out targets as if your one of The Agency’s cloned super killers. Adam Jensen’s outfit (complete with his awesome sunglasses) reduces gunfire damage by a third and comes with a fully automatic combat rifle. Finally Rico Rodriguez’s outfit will help you when hijacking cars as you’ll be able to target vehicles from a greater distance. You’ll also get Rico’s signature pistol that’s capable of firing explosive shells.

The DLC is out tomorrow and is entitled the “Square Enix Character Pack”. It’s coming to Steam and PlayStation 3 for $1.99 or 160 MS Points on Xbox 360.

Source: Square Enix

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