The headline pretty much says it all: certain copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have shipped with an unwanted surprise. When prompted to insert disc two during the installation, instead of a DVD containing the second half of the content for Black Ops 2, people are finding the contents of Mass Effect 2 instead. This is likely the result of a printing error at game manufacturing and packaging factory.

News of the issue hit the internet yesterday, and moments after the game’s worldwide release. Those affected piped up on Reddit as well as the forums on the official websites for Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect 2. One unlucky Black Ops 2 owner has posted a video that illustrates the issue; you can find that clip after the jump but the language is (understandably) totally NSFW.

BioWare and EA, sensing a mini marketing opportunity, have announced that this isn’t a problem but rather the universe telling Black Ops 2 players that they should be playing Mass Effect instead. As such, BioWare has promised copies of the Mass Effect Trilogy to the first 50 people who send them a picture of themselves with their Black Ops2 / Mass Effect 2 disc.


As many people have pointed out, Black Ops 2 uses Steam so this mix up isn’t really the end of the world. The game still ships with its unlock code, which means that those affected (which is thought to be around 1, 000 people) can simply download the content off Steam. Still, those people who found this issue are the people who want to play the game now and not after sitting for hours waiting for things to download from a likely very, very congested Steam server.

Source: Kotaku & BioWare

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