So yes, its a new version of Internet Explorer. I’m sure you’re all jumping for joy and foaming at the mouth to get a taste of it. IE 9 was the first major departure from the old, antiquated browser everyone was used to and it continues to get better and better. IE 10 is now available for those of you not married to Chrome or Firefox in a Release Preview version from Microsoft’s website. Those of you who do check it out may appreciate the improved page load stability, reworked spell checker and the privacy-worried geeks will notice that Do Not Track is enabled by default. Go on, give it a try and report back on it! There’s still those rotten toolbars available though. Some things just never change…

UPDATE: For those of you considering the Release Preview and are running Windows 7, this preview also downloads and updates parts of Direct X to support new features found in DX 11.1, found only in Windows 8.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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