It’s late on a Thursday afternoon. You’re probably already dreaming about Friday and all of the games you’re going to be playing this weekend, so why not kick back for the next six minutes and watch this new gameplay clip from upcoming Crysis 3? It’s Zoolander levels of really, really, ridiculously good looking.

The gameplay segment is entitled “The Fields”. It sees good guys Psycho and Prophet making their way through an area of the New York dome that has lots of open spaces. Things move from open, grassy regions to tight corridors and then back out into the open, all while looking drop-dead stunning on that beefy CryEngine 3.

The last time we took a look at Crysis 3 was just before Gamescom. That trailer was more like a tech demo than an actual trailer for the game. This “Fields” clip, however, is… well… it’s just wow. Now let’s hope the gameplay follows suit. Ha! That’s also a pun; I’m here all week.


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