The EA Origin forums are awash with people claiming that their Origin accounts have been hijacked. The users have all received emails from Origin’s servers indicating that their passwords have been successfully changed. The only problem is that none of them have requested password changes to begin with. Some extra unlucky users have reported receiving emails that indicate their passwords and email addresses have been changed.

Judging by the complaints on the Origin forums, user account details are being altered to include changes to the date of birth tied to the account. This in turn seems to be making Origin Support’s life harder because a date of birth is what they are requesting from users who have had their accounts hijacked; obviously the user’s provided date of birth doesn’t match the newly changed date in the hijacked account.

It’s unclear how this all began, but EA is acting coy at present. Since this news broke late last night, EA has released a statement saying that anyone who has concerns about the security of their account, should contact customer support. The publisher is also maintaining that they have no indication that Origin’s servers have been hacked.

Source: Polygon

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