And for the first time, a chassis manufacturer names its product properly, because the design elements do look like a cobra’s hood (unlike the Cougar Challenger, which looks like an orangutan). Raidmax’s last release was the Seiran which, to be honest, doesn’t get a lot of oohs and aahs from the gaming crowd. This, however, looks more like it.

The first thing you notice about the chassis is the rather oddly-shaped front intake grill. Google for a few pictures of snakes in the cobra family and you’ll see some resemblance there. There are a few cosmetic nods to the cobra family and overall it looks quite nice. Keen-eyed observers will notice the USB 3.0 port in the front panel as well as the dual 120mm fan mounts at the top of the case. The brackets for the DVD drive have the same release system as the Seiran, but no longer look gaudy in the bright red the switches were painted with.

Moving into the interior, Raidmax has painted the entire back panel in bright green. Theres rubber grommets for water cooling pipes, a pre-installed 120mm exhaust fan and a 140mm front intake with green LEDs. Once again, keen-eyed observers will notice that there’s not enough space to mount a dual-120mm radiator into the chassis at the top unless low-profile fans are used. This will give owners of closed-loop cooling kits a bit of a headache. Carrying on, it looks like Raidmax has finally learnt that cable management holes are not expensive to implement and has cut out a few holes in the right place to make tidying up the inside of the PC less of a chore.

The USB 3.0 cable is also a native header and not, as proven popular by other brands looking to save money, an extension cable that has to be run to the back of the board. There’s also, surprisingly enough, another 120mm fan vent on the bottom of the chassis as well as a flexibly drive cage. You can remove the top three bays for better airflow or squeeze it in to make space for 2.5″ hard drives without having to rely on drive cages.

Raidmax quotes the Cobra as being generally available in the US and Canada towards the end of the year, with the rest of the world to follow. RRP for the US and Canada release is set at $69.99.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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