In about three weeks’ time, Bethesda will release the third piece of downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The “Dragonborn” DLC is currently a timed exclusive for Xbox 360, getting released on 04 December for 1 600 MS Points.

The DLC focuses on the first Dragonborn, and you’ll be exploring regions outside of Skyrim as you head off to the island of Solstheim. Fans of the earlier Morrowind will see a number of familiar faces and items in “Dragonborn”, including Netches. You’ll also get new shouts like Dragon Aspect, which gives your attacks the power of a dragon. There’s also promise of a new Daedric realm to explore with new powers to unlock.

The official Elder Scrolls website has just updated itself with a gallery of brand new screenshots for “Dragonborn”. You can find the new screens after the jump. If you missed the reveal trailer, you can find it over here.


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