Activision’s wildly successful Skylanders IP has enjoyed a competition-free market since its release just over a year ago in October 2011. That’s about to change if a report over on Disney fansite Stitch Kingdom is to be believed. A few weeks back, a New York Times article featured Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger talking about a new project codenamed “Toy Box”. It is now believed that “Toy Box” is actually called Disney Infinity, and it’s after the Skylanders market.

Stitch Kingdom claims to have seen a demo video that Disney has been showing to retailers; the video provides details on what to expect when Disney Infinity gets released. The game will make use of NFC/RFID tech to transport “collectible physical items” into a virtual game world. In order to do that, a USB powered peripheral will plug into the console in order to transport the plastic collectibles into the game.

CVG is reporting that there’ll be a host of Disney and Pixar characters coming to the game, including characters from films like Toy Story, Cars and The Pirates of the Caribbean. They also talk about a starter pack coming with the USB reader, the game and collectibles of Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley (Monsters Inc.) and Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles).

Source: Stitch Kingdom & CVG

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