Razer’s Game Booster app comes out into public Beta phase

So lets say you have a PC that you use for games. And lets say that even though the PC may not be high-end, you want better performance from it. And lets then say that you’ve overclocked it and you’re still thinking you can get more performance still. You’re now left with software optimisations, something that a lot of enthusiasts spend hours doing to get an extra five to ten frames per second from their machine or to avoid dropping any performance thanks to extra background processes. Game Booster was a popular freeware app by IObit that, at the click of a button, performed some optimisations to help enhance your gaming capabilities. Razer partnered up with IObit for the release of their modified client and wants you to download and test it. If you want to check it out, follow the source link. I’ll be testing it for the next week and will report back with my own results and findings, so that you don’t have to mull over it.

Source: Razer Zone

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