AOC releases borderless monitor, Eyefinity users go wild

Well, they didn’t really go wild, they probably went “ooh” and “aaah” and “Oh-Em-Gee!” Borderless monitors for years have bbeen the holy grail for those of you running triple-monitor setups using AMD’s Eyefinity or Nvidia’s Surround technology. Some enterprising users stripped their screens bare to take the amount of bezel  to a bare minimum. AOC promises to do that for you, in a much more stylish manner. Meet the i2367fh. Its bezel measures just 2mm.

UPDATE: According to the internet, its possible that AOC’s outer plastic bezel is indeed 2mm, but there might be a 12mm bezel surrounding the screen underneath the matte cover, as indicated on this forum thread. Hmmm. Still, with an IPS panel, its worth the price they’re offering.

Let’s start the drooling: its a 23-inch IPS Matte panel. Yes, its the same as found in many other products featuring an IPS panel from LG and Adobe RGB coverage is around 90% – impressive, considering it also features an 8-bit DAC, allowing for up to 16.7 million colours to be represented on-screen. The monitos also features two 2W speakers and the stand is detachable. There are, sadly, no VESA mounts. The best part? The stand is detachable.

What, what? But I already said that, didn’t I? Well, this is the reason why:

Sans the stand, it turns into one of those screens with a pop-out stand at the back, designed to make the whole thing rest on your desk and look, arguably, cleaner. That is cool.  The rest of the gallery to follow:

The back I/O panel features a VGA port, two HDMI 1.4a HDMI ports which are also HDCP-compliant and headphone jacks, one for your headset and the other for the pass-thru cable going to your desktop. Resolution is capped at 1920 x 1080 but AOC  is probably going to get something like this in 27-inch form with either 1080p resolution or, a better idea, 2560 x 1400. Now that would be sweet. Grey-to-Grey pixel time is said to be 5ms, so there shouldn’t be any lag in games or movies.

AOC quotes the i2367fh at a RRP of $199 and is available today in European and American markets. We’ll probably see this launch in around two months or so, by which time I expect a few other screen brands to have jumped on the thin bezel bandwagon.

Source: Tom’s Hardware,

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