Ask any jaded gamer who hates EA exactly why they hate EA, and they’ll invariably start rattling off a string of reasons. More often than not one of the recurring reasons is: “And they insist on churning out sequels to crappy IPs that I have no interest in whatsoever! Now where’s my Mirror’s Edge 2?” Well jaded gamer who hates EA, your ship might have just come in because an ex-EA and DICE employee who worked on Battlefield 3 says it’s “common knowledge” that the game is in development.

Said ex-EA employee is one Ben Cousins who recently sent out the following titbit over Twitter: “It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE.” That was in response to a Eurogamer article entitled “DICE: ‘We don’t want to become a Battlefield factory.’”

Since Cousins tweeted his response, Eurogamer contacted EA for clarification, but was met with the standard “no comment” response. Mirror’s Edge 2 has been in and out of the news over the last couple of months, but there’s never been anything as blatantly clear as this. Hold thumbs all of you jaded gamers who hate EA; and even those of you who don’t necessarily hate EA, you can hold thumbs too.

Source: Eurogamer
Via: Kotaku

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