I was looking at nothing in particular and yet I saw a lot of things. Good-looking women, tasty food and some great tech bargains. I saw JK Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy. I saw CNA’s insane special of a 500GB PS3 with extras for R3800. There’s certainly no shortage of Christmas gifts to choose from this year. But predictably, my inner child led me to Musica (in my early years, Musica gave me my love of rock music). I suggest that everyone, gamers and PC gamers and families of PC gamers, should take a trip to their nearest store. There’s so much swag to choose from this year that my mind almost exploded.

Oh yes, there was also a stand dedicated to Razer swag. I almost forgot that the sold music in the store. 

The prices of the Razer stuff was pretty good. The Black Widow is a mechanical backlit keyboard going for R1400, they had stock of the Imperator and the Naga and even the Xbox controllers! I saw one Lachesis was left. Even the Arctosa was going for R500 and someone rushed up and grabbed one while I was gawking at the Mamba. But I mentioned swag? Yes, that was right around the corner…

There were Halo figurines and action figures. There were Marvel collector’s figurines and mini-statues and there were even 3D puzzles! There were Angry Birds speakers and Spiderman masks, there were Batman shirts and loads of game-related posters. There were Spiderman bags and¬†memorabilia and loads of other swag. It was too much for my inner geek and I began to shut up about what I found eventually. Seriously, if I had enough money I would have walked out with one of everything that I could reasonably use.

No wait, that’s a stupid idea, I’d buy one of everything. Screw sensibility.

Those of you who can’t decide on what to get for Christmas or to put in your own list, go spend a few minutes at Musica. Direct your families there and put giant, green-coloured hints around the house if you want something from Razer. Drag your siblings there if you have to. There’s just so much cool stuff this year that you’ll want it all.

Sidenote: This is not a plug for Musica. I just love swag.

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