The next 22cans project is called Godus

Peter Molyneux’s indie studio 22cans is aiming to develop a bunch of experimental games that’ll all be used to make one big, final game. The first experiment was (and still is, because it hasn’t finished as yet) the rather buggy Curiosity, in which players all over the world chip away at a giant cube to reveal what’s inside.

The next step in 22cans’ experimental trail is Godus, a game that the team is calling a “delightful reinvention of the god game genre”. And if your gaming history is up to snuff, you’ll know that Peter Molyneux invented the god game genre to begin with.

Godus currently has a Kickstarter project, because it seems that’s how indie games get made these days. They’re aiming to amass £450, 000 (R6.3 million) within the next 29 days in order to bring the game to PC and mobile devices. Molyneux is, in true fashion, promising that the game will blend Populous, Dungeon Keeper, and Black & White. Molyneux himself is, literally, crying over the fact that people might not want to fund his Kickstarter.

“I can’t blame people for not believing,” he told website Rock, Paper, Shotgun, “I know I’ve said things. I wish I could not say them, I guess. I just… I still believe so much.”

Molyneux is referring to the trillions of times he’s over-hyped his projects and failed to deliver on the various promises to eager fans. With that in mind, we guess this Kickstarter campaign will serve two purposes: the first to possibly fund the development of Godus, and the second to see whether Molyneux has pissed off his fans enough for them to ignore this plea for cash.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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