If you’re one of those people who like the idea of having two graphics cards doing the grunt work in your system (lets be honest, who doesn’t?), you can save yourself the hassle in future of having to change your order to include two cards or have to buy models from the same brand for the sake of simplicity. Club3D has come to the rescue of Crossfire users and has brought out a dual pack of cards from the HD7000 series.

For those of you interested in bundles like these, you get either two HD7770s, two HD7850 or HD7870 cards in a dual-pack. The cards have been binned apparently to work well together, although in all honesty they probably just plopped them together, checked if their 3D mark scores were similar to a baseline and then said, “Yes! I will marry these two cards into this box for the convenience for the end-user!”

Its an interesting idea and I quite like it. Certainly it reduces some complexity but I have to wonder if any of the vendors will sell a triple-Xfire kit; you know, the same way enthusiasts bought a HD6990 and added in a HD6970 for a triple-Xfire setup. Price-wise the cards will sell for their equivalent single-unit values, so the only convenience here is just that you don’t have to go hunting for two cards in stock. This also makes me wonder if its also a ploy to get rid of their stock as well. With Oland just around the corner, I think I may be right.

The bundles come with the download tokens for three free games in addition to 20% off Medal of Honour: Warfighter and the new Catalyst 12.11 drivers, promising better scaling an performance in games like Battlefield 3 and other games that use the Frostbyte 2.0 engine. Retail availability hasn’t been mentioned, but its likely that a few local retailers will be able to stock this bundle before the Christmas madness hits.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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